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Terms and Conditions

Remake / redo incurs another full fee charge per unit under the following conditions:

       1. If a redo is requested after the lab request for missing details or impressions that is unsatisfactory, and dentist elects to proceed with the completion of

            the case without making any adjustment, refuses a try-in, or does not supply requested materials.

       2. If a redo is requested because the customer requests a tooth shade or mould different from the original request.

       3. If a redo is requested due to treatment plan or material change from the original request.

       4. If a redo is requested greater than 30 days from invoice date.

       5. If a redo/repair/reline is requested for immediate/surgical partials or dentures or treatments with healing extractions.

       6. If a redo is requested because the appliance fits the model, but does not fit in the mouth - 66% of new full charge will apply.

       7. If a redo is requested and the reason for the redo is not specified and original indirect restorations or appliance(s) are not returned.


Remake Policy will not apply to any account past due. Neo Dental Limited T/A Auckland Dental Lab reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse accepting any new cases and processing remake cases until the balance is paid in full and the account is current.
A non-refundable charge will apply if the original appliance is not returned at the time of remake request. Neo Dental Limited T/A Auckland Dental Lab can amend the remake policy at its sole discretion and without prior notice.

About your lab work

Dental restorations are manufactured and/or distributed by Neo Dental Limited T/A Auckland Dental Lab, 247 Dominion Rd Mt Eden Auckland New Zealand 1024. Auckland Dental Lab is a full-service dental laboratory with the following memberships and certifications: 

       1. Registration Certificate, Dental Council of New Zealand

       2. Annual Practising Certificate 2016-2017

           Scope of Practice Certificate: Dental Technology Practice & Clinical Dental Technology Practice

           Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003, Section 26

       3. Degree and Diploma Certificate: Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology, University of Otago, New Zealand

       4. Degree and Diploma Certificate: Degree in Bachelor of Dental Technology University of Otago, New Zealand

       5. Registration with WAND - MEDSAFE of New Zealand

       6. Formal member of New Zealand Institute of Dental Technologists

       Completion of certified training courses

       1. Implant rehabilitation of the edentulous jaw by Nobel Biocare

       2. Infection Control certificate by GUNZ Dental 

       3. Certified member of Global Academy of Osseointegration by GAO forum

Limited warranty and liability

       1. Auckland Dental Lab (ADL) warrants that all crown and bridge restorations and removable prosthetics, and other devices will be constructed according to the

            prescribing dentist’s specifications.

       2. ADL will repair or replace any product that fails due to defects in materials or workmanship, such as chipped or cracked porcelain, broken acrylic and/or a tooth

            falling out of removable appliance, within a period of one year from date of invoice.

       3. The warranty will be void for removable prosthetics fabricated without a try-in/setup.

       4. ADL is not responsible for any additional costs or fees associated with adjustments, repairs and replacement of dental devices.

       5. ADL does not warrant that such devices are fit for any particular purpose and if such disclaimer is not permitted by law, the duration of any implied warranty is limited             to ninety (90) days from the date of delivery.
       6. This warranty is in lieu of and supersedes all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, and may not be modified by any agent, employee, representative or

            distributor of ADL.

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